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SAP TRANSLATION Are you preparing an international SAP rollout and looking for a professional partner to support you with the necessary translations? Do you need to translate your master data or customizing entries into a number of languages, but don’t know how? Language Consultancy, Language consulting, sap certified partner, certified sap partner, sap standard


Translating SAP texts is a demanding task not suited to every language professional. As a certified SAP partner, we’ll be happy to place our dedicated and experienced team at your disposal.



SAP Partner



  Wordflow Add-Ons

  Our translators and project managers have years of experience with SAP texts and are experts in their respective fields, no matter which languages are involved. Our long-standing familiarity with SAP’s specific terminology and translation environment tools facilitates the translation process and ensures our team’s ability to handle SAP projects of any size and complexity in a quick, efficient fashion. Since 2004, Wordflow has been translating 18,000,000 SAP lines into 28 different languages for SAP SE and a large number of SAP customers all over the world.


In carrying out your SAP project, we’ll adhere to SAP’s quality standards and guarantee the highest user acceptance in virtually any country and language.


Our project managers can set up an entire SAP R/3 translation environment for you (LXE_MASTER or SLWA/SLWB), create translation profiles, and prepare worklists such that translators can call them up directly via the appropriate transaction (SE63). We can also rework modified entries in an existing system and translate special objects, customizing tables, and master data.



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Using the statistics function in the SAP translation environment (SLLS), we can determine the current status and progress of your translation project at any time. This helps us keep you up-to-date in case your planning requires any short-term changes.


SAP Translation