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LANGUAGE SERVICES Would you like to have your technical documentation translated into other languages quickly and to a high standard? Are you a global player aiming to achieve faster localization and reduced time-to-market for your software products and training material? Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to create your multilingual marketing collaterals? sap certified partner, certified sap partner, SAP Übersetzung, Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Arabisch, Bulgarisch, Katalanisch, Chinesisch, Kroatisch, Tschechisch, Dänisch, Niederländisch, Holländisch, Estnisch, Farsi, Finnisch, Griechisch, Hebräisch, Hindi, Ungarisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch, Kasachisch, Lettisch, Litauisch, Norwegisch, Polnisch, Rumänisch, Russisch, Serbisch, Slowakisch, Slowenisch, Schwedisch, Thai, Türkisch, Ukrainisch, Vietnamesisch, Isländisch


Technical translation requires an extensive knowledge of the subject matter at hand and a familiarity with the relevant terminology and writing conventions.


Quality Assurance

   Certification DIN EN ISO 17100  

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Our professional linguists translate your documents exclusively into their native language and hold university-level degrees in translation sciences or their particular field of specialization.


Our industry experience spans a variety of areas, including:
Information technology
Automotive engineering
Hardware and automation systems
Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Health and safety
Market research surveys
Local government
EU policies

We translate every kind of text, from technical product information and catalogs to operating instructions and training material. We know how crucial it is to convey the contents of your source documentation with the utmost accuracy: A mistranslated operating manual, for example, could cause injury or even worse.



Terminology Service






Localizing your software means more than just translating an application into a certain language; it involves tailoring software products and Web sites to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of a target country or language area. In terms of focus areas, software engineering and testing, quality assurance, and data transfer processes are as important as translation in planning and carrying out localization projects.



CAT Tools


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At Wordflow, localizing software goes hand-in-hand with adapting our customers’ offerings fully to the language and technology requirements of their target markets. The result? The optimal globalization of your products, including software, online support, user manuals, training documentation, and marketing materials.

Teamwork is even more important in software localization than in other areas of translation. Significant quantities of text, varying formats, short deadlines, and constantly changing requirements demand comprehensive and sophisticated project management. This is where Wordflow comes in, delivering your product fully localized in the desired target language while meeting your specified deadline and budget.


We handle the translation and localization of

User interfaces
Online support files
Documentation (installation and user manuals)
Training documents with screen captures
Website content





The scope of our services covers the entire localization cycle of your product, including corporate communication materials like:

Marketing collateral
Sales material
Advertising campaigns
Reference stories and case studies
Audio/video material
Contractual documents


Wordflow enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of language services for the market research industry, focusing in particular on automotive, medical/pharma-ceutical, and consumer goods topics.


Our services encompass:

Translation and adaptation of market research surveys, questionnaires, and reports to specific countries’      specifications
Transcription of in-depth interviews
Interpreting services for focus groups and product clinics

Wordflow can also assist you in producing your audio and video material in a variety of foreign languages. From a technical and linguistic point of view, our preparation and adaptation of your audiovisual material – be it market research interviews, corporate videos, or e-learning material for your training courses – will render it indistinguishable from content originally produced for your target markets.

Our services:    

Foreign language subtitles and voiceovers (time code insertion, translation of scripts, adaptation, synchronization of sound and video, integration of effects, localization)

Multimedia Flash animations


Along with our project management experience in 27 different languages, our experienced team of native speakers can support you in some 60 different language combinations.